Finsia Member Roundtable, Friday 25 July, 2014

Focus groups to gather the views of expat Australians lead by Pamela Young

Two Workshops: 7.30 - 10.30 am and 11.30am - 2.30pm
Fullerton Hotel - all member registrations welcome


It's a new financial year and a good time for some feedback 

This leading organisation for Australasia’s financial services industry, connects members with career services, resources and professional networks to build their professional capabilities and strengthen the industry. In order to do that effectively, they seek to influence changes in policy and leadership that will help them to deliver these important services.

Pamela Young joins Finsia executives in Singapore to lead focus groups with its members as part of a national Australian financial systems review lead by David Murray AO.

The objective of the visit to Singapore in July is to:

  • discover why members went to Singapore and what will bring them back
  • gauge the readiness of Australia's talent to operate competitively in the Asia region
  • enable Finsia to support local companies to equip their staff with the necessary capability for the Asian century
  • use the knowledge gathered in these sessions to influence policy changes to support greater diversity in the sector.

The workshop format 

The workshops will commence with refreshments and a briefing from CEO Russell Thomas. Pamela Young will then lead the discussion seeking input from all members present. Angie Corkhill, Director, Member Relations and Policy will also be attending to explore ideas and suggestions.

A report will be published by Finsia and made available to the membership. The findings will be used to help shape a second phase of focus groups back in Australia.

Join us

Please contact Angie Corkhill at Finsia if you are interested in participating in this important exercise to shape policy and help build new members services.