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Stepping Up is becoming a household name for those leading change to grow their business by building Asia capability, encouraging leadership diversity and adapting to new ways of doing business in the Asian century

  4 November 2014




 WHO is stepping up?


HOW can you step up too?







Many leaders and organisations are stepping up and are well on the way to building Asian century capability. They include:


Men and women at Accenture have embraced Stepping Up to help build and maintain gender equality and to advance the careers of all its people.

If global thought-leaders like those at Accenture are adopting ideas from this first-ever research into Australia's growth challenges arising from poor leadership diversity, glass and bamboo ceilings, and limited cross-cultural skill and Asia-capability, then there could be something in it for you too.

Last week Accenture Australia was awarded the Commonwealth Bank Inclusive Workplace Award at the AHRI Annual Inclusion and Diversity Awards, which says much about their progress in leading the way for others.




FINSIA stepped up recently to seek feedback from its members in Singapore to help the Australian FS industry identify Asia-capability gaps.

Finsia commissioned Pamela Young to ask expats members how our FS sector can prepare employees for working successfully in Asia. Finsia CEO Russell Thomas is now preparing recommendations for the industry to build Asia capability to ensure positive expat experiences, success in the region and preserve the Australian brand.

Read Pamela Young's account in INFINANCE magazine: The dawning of Asia for Australia



PwC Australia stepped up by raising the diversity function to the executive team and appointing partner Marcus Laithwaite to lead the way.

In a workshop with PwC people from across the nation, Pamela Young observed enormous passion for building great teams of highly diverse groups of people from all cultures, both genders and any ability.

The firm's leadership team is supporting and encouraging partners and staff to step up to lead change to ensure there are no obstacles to equitable careers, full productivity or growth. 



ASFA (Superannuation Funds of Australia)... is stepping up at its 2014 Annual Conference

In Melbourne on 11-14 November 1500 industry members come together to consider the conference theme of 'stepping up', which reinforces that more of us need to get into action to lead the way for others to follow.

Pamela Young is presenting alongside:

* Ita Buttrose * Hon. Peter Costello * Rosemary Vilgin * Phil Ruthven * Mark Bouris * Corp. Mark Donaldson 

Pamela Young is presenting research findings to ASFA members and outlining how to 'Avoid Irrelevance' by adapting cultures to address industry challenges and changes.

Tickets can be purchased for a single day or all 4 days.




CPAAI, a global association of 151 member CA firms from 64 countries, explored Stepping Up's research and recommendations recently.

Pamela Young lead a series of workshops and discussions at their 2014 Annual Conference for member firms from the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Africa regions.

CPAAI partners from 3/4s of the world have taken ideas home from their Conference about how to be effective in the Asian century



Pamela Young is an author, a visionary, a global growth strategist, a change agent and culture specialist.




Get your copy at the airport

Pick up a copy of Stepping Up next time you fly. Airport book shops (and major city stores) have copies for sale so you can read the latest research from 100 leaders and consider the suggested frameworks for growing your organisation.

Some say that reading Chapter 12 first is a good idea....but we'll leave that up to you. Stepping Up is jammed full of stories, anecdotes and cases for you to consider as you make the journey.

You can also buy online.


Read Chapter One for FREE

The main ideas and key findings are summarised in Chapter One and quotes from the 100 leaders illustrate how the book will guide you to discover the cultural challenges of doing business in Australia and limitations of doing business in Asia.



Start 2015 with a Stepping Up seminar

Leadership is about showing others the way. As a leader, your job is to give your people a good reason to follow you to make the changes you need to remain relevant in your market.

Stepping Up is packed full of cases, ideas and suggestions. A New Year's resolution to build greater cultural diversity and gender equality to boost productivity and growth is a worthy and inspiring commitment to make for 2015.

If you' would like to give your people access to the knowledge and author, send a request for a callback about book deals and seminars.



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Sobering news 

1.  63 of 17,000 HSC students took Chinese Continuous in 2013!

That is, only 63 children across the whole of Australia were getting ready to understand and communicate with the rising numbers of affluent and mobile Chinese entering Australia each year.

2.  HALF of our 25 million tourists in 2020 are expected to be Chinese

We know that Tourism Australia plans to double the number of Chinese visitors by 2020 increasing revenues from AUD 4bn to AUD 9bn. We also know that the number of Chinese immigrants are increasing faster than any other nation.

Despite these facts, we resist the idea that knowing a little Mandarin would help to understand their culture, integrate them into society or serve them as they tour our country.

3.   English language no longer a competitive advantage

Stepping Up's research into the readiness of nations that are looking to operate across Asia highlights our relative lack of preparedness.

Chapters 4 and 6 of Stepping Up present findings from global studies that say that the 'monoglot English graduate faces a bleak economic future as qualified multilingual youngsters from other countries are proving to have a competitive advantage over their (English speaking) counterparts in global companies.'

Step up now and get ready for 2015

The first step is to become more informed and Stepping Up can help with this. See the Christmas offers above.


  Share ideas and opinions on our blogs:

Visit these blogs on the book's homepage - each blog is matched to a chapter presenting the issues identified by the book's research.


Let's be great in Asia: make new friends, expand our horizons and grow


We can shift our values to stimulate behaviours that will deliver results


It is possible to access untapped skills and combine experiences


The time has come to embed solutions for our children and the next generation


Read quotes from the 100 leaders who contributed to Stepping Up?


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