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10 June 2013



100 leaders share their stories and advice


Quotes from Stepping Up...

On Growth

'Some companies in Australia are struggling to grow: they are running out of runway in Australia and many industries are looking to see where they can find growth. It is obvious where they have to look. Asia is a growth market, it has greater depth than our own but it needs our know-how. We don’t have to break the relationships we have, we just need to have more of them.'

David Gonski AC, Chairman, Future Fund of
Australia, Sydney, Australi

On Asia

'Our government maintains stronger relationships with America than it does with Asia and until now it has been slow to recognise the importance of Asia, as has the education system. The Asian Century Report, which was done with good intent, aims to provide a strategic view on fundamental things like defence, immigration, culture and population. I think Australia is about to embark on a big change agenda to get closer to Asia and we need to get ready to follow.'

Mike Smith OBE, Chief Executive Officer, ANZ Banking Group, Melbourne, Australia

On Asia-readiness

'Cultural differences come out as being big issues with Australians doing business in China. It is mainly to do with the fact that boards and management who come here don’t understand China. They need to spend more time here and it may take another generation of people exposed to China to work their way through the ranks. When it comes to Australians, we are a long way behind the Europeans in terms of cultural appreciation.'

Joanne Wood, Chairman, Capital Eight, Shanghai, China (Australian living in Asia)

On Australian Culture

'If you asked people at a barbecue whether mateship, egalitarianism and ‘a fair go’ were Australia’s core values they might say ‘yes’. But mateship only applies so long as you look like me. And egalitarianism fits so long as you are in my group...sometimes we don’t live our values very well and we need to revisit them from time to time.'

Dr Robert Care AM, Chair UK, Middle East and Africa Region, Arup Group, London, UK
(Australian living in England)

On Diversity

'The world is becoming more global, clients are more global and they are not going to do business with all white male teams.'

Kathy Matsui, Managing Director & Chief Japan Strategist, Goldman Sachs, Tokyo, Japan
(Author of 'Womenomics)

On Cultural Diversity

'The obstacles that make it hard for women to move up the corporate ladder are the same obstacles that make it hard for Asians to get up there too. When a senior male executive is about to take employees to meet one of his best clients he might consider it risky to take a female or Asian who the client may not appreciate, and take a white male instead.'

Diane Grady AM, Non-Executive Director, Macquarie Group, Sydney, Australia

On Gender Equality

'I don’t know how a man can walk into a boardroom with 10 others that look like him and not feel like a fraud. If you want to promote your buddy, okay, but don’t then say you are all about meritocracy.'

Paul Waterman, President. BP Australia, Melbourne, Australia

On overseas experience

A lot of companies send people overseas, but when they get back there is no space for them to return to. It is only the companies that are truly global and value the experience of other cultures that encourage you to come back and let you in. Australian-based companies don’t value it like global companies do.

Ann Sherry AO, Chief Executive Officer, Carnival Australia, Sydney, Australia

On social change leadership

'Senior politicians and senior educationalists should lead this...leaders of any institution that can influence public opinion should lead it.'

Shirley In’t Veld, Non-Executive Director, Asciano, Perth, Australia

On talking about change

God help us if we can’t have a dialogue to openly challenge, discuss and debate the impediments and roadblocks to diversity. If we can’t, then this country will wither. Change is going to come through shame and transparency or we will be struggling for generations to come.

Stephen Roberts, Chief Executive Officer, Citi, Australia and New Zealand, Sydney, Australia

See more quotes by the 100 leaders

Pamlea Young I wrote 'Stepping Up' because Asia presents an opportunity for us all and achieving diversity is not impossible if you know a little about changing cultures.

Pamela Young: author, strategist, change agent, culture specialist



Frameworks and methods for leaders to change cultures


Stepping Up delivers...

1. The business case for Asia, diversity and social change

Discover the links between cultural diversity in the Australian workforce and greater performance in Asia; the features of Australian culture that limit productivity performance of females, immigrants and returning expats; and how Australia is being outperformed by leading Western and Eastern nations in terms of language and cross-cultural understanding and skill development.

2. Contemporary perspectives on growth drivers

100 leaders from 16 cities and 26 industries across Australia, Asia and further afield share their observations, frustrations, expectations and advice. This is the first-ever locally-authored perspective on the impact of diversity on growth, regional development and Australia's future prosperity making it relevant and highly applicable to leaders in Australia and Asia.

3. Proof of our challenges

Stepping Up includes: sobering truths about Australia's global brand and perceived culture; limitations of the government's approach to Asia; commentary about attitudes and behaviours exhibited by women and men that affect the nation's economic and social development; the disturbing facts and frustrations about how long it is taking to move the needle on the number of women in senior management and boards; and much more. (See chapters 4-7)

4. Methods for changing cultures - yours, ours, theirs

- Two new frameworks are provided to help leaders in business and society identify the limitations to growth and know-how to introduce culture changes that will produce sustainable diversity in local workforces and communities. 

See the Culture Iceberg and the Culture Circuit (chapter 8-11)

- A whole new language (terms and phrases) relating to culture change helps you to create a level playing field for everyone involved.

5. Personal stories and company cases

10 stories from women and men: some about their responses to racial and sexual biases ... and others who present new ways of balancing roles, work and life to build diversity and support their partners and families.

3 company cases that illustrate how to shift assumptions that drive new behaviours and performance - Woolworths, McDonald's and Ernst & Young

6. Guidelines for leaders

Stepping Up closes with a discussion about 'who should lead' the changes we need in business and society to boost diversity and growth.

Three inspiring stories of leaders who have stepped up to make changes happen are included, along with a deductive method for leading change to build diversity at work to replace the inductive method used by most organisations since the 1980s.


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Involve your people

Start with 'book circles'

Distribute Stepping Up to 10, 20 or 50 employees and drive change through your organisation. Ask them to review the research and adopt the frameworks that will support your existing change programs. See book circles.

Then use 'engagement cascades'

Once your leaders have gained an appreciation of the possibilities, involve the next level down. An engagement cascade is a program that opens up two-way communication allowing you to stimulate strategic thinking and drive the changes you seek at all levels.


Speaking Forums

This is not a small book so you might want to fast-track your understanding of what is inside Stepping Up with a speaking forum. In a one-to-one, small group or conference-sized session with the author, your people can hear directly about the key findings and the main messages.


Blog with me

The four blogs below appear on the homepage of Stepping Up's website. I will use these to share more practical examples of how to introduce the changes we seek.

Guest bloggers also share their experiences and opinions to support readers in their journey.


Readers share ideas and opinions on these blogs:

Visit these blogs on the book's homepage regularly to find practical examples and ask questions as you read. Each blog is matched to a chapter presenting the research findings.


Let's be great in Asia: make new friends, expand our horizons and grow


We can shift our values to stimulate behaviours that will deliver results


It is possible to access untapped skills and combine experiences


The time has come to embed solutions for our children and the next generation


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