What a day! 
Great pilot, thanks everyone! 

Fabulous collaboration within the group
Enormous energy in the room
Compelling 100-Day plans prepared by all

'Going Global or Accessing Asia?' was held in Sydney in February

Stepping into the shoes of a global leader required no great feat for these participants. Everyone shared their global experience and unique stories with others freely, making it a highly interactive and productive day. 

Key learnings: participating executives said...

...on the Keynote session about preparing for 'going global' or 'accessing Asia'

  • Very relevant opening session with facts to validate why we are all here
  • Good opening to the day with practical examples and analogies that became useful later in the day
  • The rise, fall and rise (again) of Asian economies was useful to understand
  • Reinforced the idea of being courageous, prepared and open-minded when going global
  • That having a clear focus on going global and being adequately equipped is very important
  • I now see the opportunity beyond Australian shores and liked the steps about how to breakdown fears
  • Excellent opening on our journey to accessing Asia              
...on global growth opportunities and strategies for entering Asian markets

  • Helped me crystallise my views on strategy 
  • Excellent examples and insights of market opportunities for Australian skills in Asia
  • Excellent and dynamic strategy session; identified on-point market opportunities and trends
  • Partnerships rather than organic growth work in Asia 
  • Discussion about the markets was very informative and interesting 
  • Eye-opening strategy session on current global markets 
...on how to be a cross-cultural manager in the Asian century

  • Really enjoyed the cross-cultural discussion; a key learning was awareness 
  • I learned that we all have some unconscious bias
  • Excellent insight in to 'myself' - I'm mentally ready to work through the changes I need to make 
  • Great tips for working with multi-cultural teams 
  • Reinforced that integrity, humility and inquisitiveness are important global leadership attributes
...on the benefits of the break-out sessions

  • Breakout sessions gave good time to reflect on what we learned and put them into action
  • So many different perspectives gained from a variety of industries (in the room) 
  • The discussions focussed me on different perspectives and challenges that our society is facing 
  • Good interaction from so many, diverse industry participants
  • I noticed how multicultural Australia really is!
...on the overall experience

  • Speakers engaged with audience well, which added to the experience 
  • It made me realise that my knowledge of Asia should be an area of more focus
  • So many good ideas, needed more time! 
  • The panel was great - interesting stories and valuable practical lessons 
  • Very good individual experiences from the panel; always relevant
  • She ensured we had achievable objectives in our 100-Day Plans...and practical steps for implementation 
  • Huge enthusiasm for 'global' (in the room)
Check out the next workshop on 17 June here

February participants return on 25 May to share progress on their 100-Day Plans

Each participating executive is returning for an evening to share progress on their individual 100-Day Plan. All speakers will be present to comment and answer questions throughout the 90 minute feedback session. The evening will end with Networking Drinks sponsored by Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

Speakers and panel guests received rave reviews

As always, a big 'thank you' to sponsors  


Also our thanks to supporters Asia Society and Women in Global Business 


'Going Global or Accessing Asia?'  2 is running on 17 June

Guest Speakers and Panel Guests confirmed so far include: