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'Going Global or Accessing Asia?' 2

Friday 17 June, 2016

Prepare your people and access high growth markets using all available channels 


Most successful 2016 program for busy executives

It's not to be missed - feedback from the previous workshop

"Very relevant opening session with facts to validate why we are all here"              
"Excellent and dynamic strategy session; identified on-point market opportunities and trends"
"Excellent insights of market opportunities for Australian skills in Asia"
"Great tips for working with multi-cultural teams"
"Breakout sessions gave good time to reflect on what we learned and put them into action"
"The panel was great - interesting stories and valuable practical lessons"
"Huge enthusiasm for 'global' (in the room)"  

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Step Into the shoes of a global leader on 17 June and...

Be an effective global leader: thinking and being a global citizen
Make the necessary preparations to ensure your offshore investments pay-off
Build strategies to access regional and global customers: from on-line to face-to-face
Improve your team's capability at working on cross-cultural situations
Build a 100-Day Plan to focus your effort and boost your outputs

A great line-up of globally-experienced speakers and panel guests (bio's below)

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Meet the Presenters

5 global leaders. Experienced in going global in over 35 countries

Pamela Young - Dr Chinmay Pattnaik - Dr Betina Szkudlarek - Peter Everingham - Simon Yoo - Jonathan Yeung

Much of Asia and other parts of the world are growing at between 4% and 7.5%. Recent Free Trade Agreements help us to access new partners and customers in Asian nations more easily. Australian industries and leaders can boost annual productivity and growth performance by going global or accessing Asia: just a few steps takes you towards building capability and adding a dash of confidence. 

Presenters and Guests 

Program Director, Presenter and Workshop Facilitator    

Pamela Young, Managing Director growthcurv, Author of Stepping Up
Global experience includes: New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, USA and Australia
Subject expert in: global business, growth strategy, Australia-Asia business development, M&A integration, cross-cultural management, change management, culture change, diversity in leadership
Author of: Stepping Up: Lead Culture Change for Diversity and Growth in the Asian Century
Leads discussion on:
1)  Developing a global mindset, being a global leader and preparing for going global
2)  Outbound opportunities: where and how Australian business can look for growth and customers
3)  Inbound opportunities: using your global mindset to work more effectively with foreign investors and staff 

Listen to Pamela's TV and radio interviews on opportunities in Asia

Other Presenters

Dr Chinmay Pattnaik, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney Business School, Masters of International Business Director
Global experience includes: India, Korea, China and Australia 
Subject expert in: global strategy, corporate strategy, corporate governance, Asia business, emerging markets
Authored several chapters of internationally recognised books and published in leading journals including: Management International Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Management and Management Decisions
Leads discussion on:
1)  Traditional versus disruptive market-entry strategies for growing your business offshore
2)  The role of E-Commerce and the internet in accessing new markets and customers
3)  What Asian business leaders in Australia see, feel and need from you for a profitable relationship to develop
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Dr Betina Szkudlarek, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney Business School
Global experience includes: Poland, The Netherlands, Australia 
Subject expert in: Cross-cultural management, managing global workforce, inter-cultural competence, global leadership
Published in top-tier international journals including: Organization Studies, Journal of Business Ethics and Academy of Management Learning and Education
Leads discussion on:
1)  Knowing yourself as leader - how you operate relative to people in other cultures
2)  Working with others - challenges of doing business in cross-cultural situations
3)  Improving your performance - adapting to work in multi-cultural teams
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Panel Guests 

Peter Everingham, Managing Director, SEEK International
Peter is an Executive Team member of ASX100 internet company SEEK, and Managing Director of SEEK International. International includes SEEK's online employment businesses across 17 countries including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Brazil and Mexico.
Commenting on:
1) What market entry strategies SEEK employed when going global
2) How SEEK addressed cross-cultural challenges encountered along the way
3) The main factors that helped SEEK succeed internationally

Simon Yoo, Executive Director, Korean Business Desk, EY Australia
Simon's has worked in both Australia and Korea and will talk about the differences and similarities between our business cultures and discuss strategies for entering the Korean market place.He is a member of EY's Steering Committee for Diversity and Inclusion and is active in building cultural diversity in the firm.  
Commenting on:
1) Getting beyond the cultural barriers and fears associated with investing in Korea
2) Tips for preparing to do business in Korea and working with local Koreans 
3) Key business opportunities arising from the Australia-Korea Free Trade Agreement

Jonathan Yeung, Executive Manager, Head of Asian Business Banking, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Jonathan moved to Australia from Hong Kong to join CBA mid-2015 to drive and executive the Bank's Asian Business Banking strategy.
Prior to this he worked for ANZ Bank in Hong Kong with responsibility for the Greater China region and with Bank of America Merrill lynch in the USA before that. 
Commenting on:

1) Growth opportunities for Australian businesses in Asia
2) Essentials working knowledge for doing business with people from China
3) Initial observations about doing business in Australia - an immigrants perspective

'Going Global or Accessing Asia?' 2 - 17 June, 2016

A One-day Workshop, 100-Day Plan and Two Networking Events

'Going Global or Accessing Asia?' is not a single day event. It concludes with sponsored Networking Cocktails. plus there is a follow-up evening to share progress on your 100-Day Plan on 23 September, also concluding with a Networking Cocktails. You get a take-home workbook, a signed copy of Stepping Up and you will make some valuable business contacts.

Leader's Workshop:  8.30 am - 5.15 pm, Friday 17 June, 2016 
University of Sydney Business School, City Campus

Networking Cocktails:  5.30 pm - 7.00 pm, Friday 17 June, 2016
University of Sydney Business School, City Campus

100 Day Networking Night: 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm, Friday 23 September, 2016
Venue: tbc

Timetable, Take-homes, After-parties

A day of business and pleasure

This interactive Workshop involves 4 steps - energising pace not a gallop
3 hours of expert presentations, 3 hours of problem-solving and planning, 1 hour of panel discussion

Step 1:  (9.00 am) Exploring Growth Opportunities and Planning for Success
'Going Global or Accessing Asia?' - P
amela Young

Step 2:  (11.00 am) Preparing for Success
'Exploring strategies to fit your offshore business objectives' -
 Dr Chinmay Pattnaik
'Are you a 21st Century Global Leader?' 
Dr Betina Szkudlarek

Step 3:  (1.45 pm) Having Skin in the Game 
'Adapting to your Marketplace and Stakeholders' - P
resenters and panel guests

Step 4:  (4.00 pm) Stepping Into the Shoes of a Global Leader 
'Preparing your 100-Day Plan and Commit to Action' - 
Pamela Young

Take homes

  • A workbook of ideas, your decisions and a 100-Day Plan to implementation
  • Skills in managing cross-cultural teams and projects
  • Actionable ideas about offshore market-entry strategies to grow your business
  • Confidence to 'step into' in the shoes of a global leader
  • A bunch of new friends and networks to support your global career
  • A copy of Pamela's book Stepping Up: Lead culture change for diversity and growth in the Asian Century

Workshop Cocktail function

The day will end with well deserved cocktail function and a 1 1/2 hour celebration of the many ideas and solution expected to flow our of the workshop. This is time for delegates to enjoy some reflection time with colleagues and presenters and other invited guests.

100-Day Networking Night - 23 September, 2016

Attendees are invited to return 100 days later to a 1 1/2 hour update session to share progress, followed by a further networking cocktail session.   
Having a plan is the first step forward, implementing it is the next! You can use this network to check your assumptions, see how others are implementing the ideas and keep your focus on going global or accessing Asia

Stepping Up explained

Receive a take-home copy of Stepping Up 

  • It includes insights and advice from 100 leaders from 16 cities and 26 industries across Australia and Asia.
  • Stepping Up is a useful companion for Australian and foreign leaders wanting to improve their cross-cultural management capability.
  • Author, Pamela Young, will direct participants where to find ideas and solutions in the book to support their overseas expansion plans.

Join like-minded peers with growth ambitions Friday 17 June, 2016 

When and where

When: Friday 17th June, 8.30am - 5.15pm, plus Networking Drinks 5.30 pm - 7.00 pm
University of Sydney Business School, CBD Campus, Level 17/133 Castlereagh Street        
Enquiries: +61 421 861364

OUR THANKS to Asia Society and Women in Global Business for supporting this workshop and promoting it to its members.