Going Global or Accessing Asia

Panel Guest - David Haslett

President and CEO CQMS Raser, a Global IP, Engineering, Software and Manufacturing Company

David has been President and CEO of CQMS Raser since 2009. This entrepreneurial Australian-based company delivers innovative, high productivity systems for large surface mining equipment to major mining companies globally.

Under his leadership, the company has developed expansive operations across the world in just 6 years including partnerships in America, South America, Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa. 

David is also CEO, LC Engineering based in Brisbane, Australia; President, CR Mining in Texas, USA; and President, CRGC Global Contracts based in Shandong Province, China.

His early career includes roles with S. C. Johnson, Email Industries, Parex Industries and Fletcher Building Ltd. 

David's extensive international career makes him a valuable member of the panel. He will share tips and pitfalls that can be encountered when going global, and how to prepare yourself and your company to work with them.