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'Stepping Up is an extraordinarily comprehensive compendium of ideas. It will stimulate the thinking of any organisation that's even half-serious about becoming more flexible and more creative in its approach to diversity - including the still-thorny question of gender equality in the workplace and the boardroom.
Stepping Up is a challenge to business leaders to focus on a big picture that includes a heightened awareness of - and a greater sensitivity to - cultural change, generational change, and geo-political change.

Hugh Mackay, renowned Author and Social Researcher, Australia

‘Australian business is grappling with change and volatility like no time before. Increasingly, embedded Asian capabilities and organisational agility will be the hallmark of successful organisations. Stepping Up is essential reading for anyone seeking practical guidance in sharpening their own skills and in making their organisations Asia-ready.’

David Olsson, China Practice Consultant, King & Wood Mallesons, Australia; Former Chairman of Australia-China Chamber of Commerce, Beijing

'Pamela is well qualified to talk about the role of Australian organisations in Asia. She has seen first-hand what it takes to grow a business across cultural landscapes. In her well written and comprehensive book Stepping Up her passion for the topic - the injustice that Australia is doing itself - is clear. Pamela has managed to elicit some surprisingly frank views from many of Australia’s most influential leaders on the country’s readiness to operate effectively in Asia. The content is clear and sometimes confronting but she backs this up with a practical roadmap showing how to improve things. I defy anyone to read Stepping Up and not come away feeling that we must do something about this before it’s too late.'

Helen Campbell. Principal, Catalyst Business Solutions; Co-Founder & Chief Assessor, Change Management Institute; and Author, 'Managing Organisational Change'

Stepping Up captures the observations of many business leaders about how traditional approaches to identifying leaders are not serving our changing workforce well, allows them to put the case for an inclusive approach to how we operate today, and presents a compelling case for culture change within Australasian society. Some sobering messages and insights for any organisation, a must read.’

Kathryn Roberts, Partner Tax, PwC, New Zealand

'As a Kiwi living and working in London for 15 years it is great to see a book such as Stepping Up come out of the southern hemisphere. From interviews with organisational leaders the challenges and opportunities inherent in embracing diversity have been clearly articulated. Pamela makes a compelling business case and offers up pragmatic models that any executive can begin to use to challenge their own thinking as well as the 'way we do things around here' in their organisation.'

Penny de Valk, CEO Fairplace Cedar and CMC, London, United Kingdom

'Stepping Up: Lead culture change for diversity and growth in the Asian century is a must-read for corporate leaders and change agents seeking to enter or already operating in dynamic Asia. Pamela explores, through first-hand accounts of Australia's business champions, complex issues of opportunities, diversity, internal and market-driven pressures for change and adjustment, faced by Australian companies and those who lead them in this truly transformational century.'

Philipp Ivanov, Manager, Australia-China Council at Department of Foreign Affairs, Canberra, Australia

‘Leaders sharing their personal experiences on diversity – warts and all. [Reading Stepping Up is] a great way to encourage honest conversation and debate on a critical business topic.’

Chris Lamb, Human Resources Director at Lend Lease, Australia

‘We need more discussion about diversity and how nurturing it can provide enormous benefit to our people, workplaces and the economy. This book is an important contribution.’

Nareen Young,  former CEO, Diversity Council Australia, Australia

In Stepping Up, Pamela Young provides the critical culture change perspective missing from the (Government’s ‘Australia in the Asian Century’) white paper that is essential for anyone wanting to better understand how they can help Australia become a more prosperous and resilient nation in the Asian Century.

Stepping Up provides valuable insight into Australia's developing cultural maturity, including historical influences, present challenges and the social and business changes essential for Australia’s future prosperity. It brings together a rich combination of experience from 100 diverse industry leaders, combined with Pamela’s deep culture change management experience and personal stories that are both revealing in their honesty and inspiring in their acts of leadership.

Rod Besant, Manager, Enterprise Performance at Westpac, Australia

Stepping Up is the definitive resource for anyone wanting to understand how achieving greater diversity in business will help contribute to cross-cultural awareness, Asia literacy and strategic and profitable links with Asian nations. [With] 100 interviews with captains of industry [it] is an unbeatable guide to the topic.’

Persephone Nicholas, Award-winning Author & Writer, Australia

I LOVE the book!  ... it’s everything I’ve been thinking about since I moved to Australia
but haven’t been able to clearly articulate, explain, or back up.  And now it’s there – all on paper!!  Amazing.  It’s the first time I’ve ever seen this explained in writing in an un-biased and very real way, and above all written by an Australian!!  It’s fantastic to see.

Anonymous - mid-level professional who migrated from Europe to work in a global professional services firm

Stepping Up is written in an energetic, accessible style that quickly engages the reader. The ideas the author presents and the recommendations she offers are set in the practical world, using everyday examples that feel instantly familiar. With its optimistic tone and active language Stepping Up’s writing style perfectly suits its title.

Averil Moffat, Stepping Up’s independent editor,



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