Boost Australia-Asia business

Boost Australia-Asia  Business Expanding relations between Australian organisations and those in fast growing Asian nations to help build Australia's cross-cultural capability, Asian language skills, a passion for doing business together and a step up in the growth of the economic activity and rewards.

White faces dominate business cafes in Sydney and Melbourne

Sunday, September 01, 2013

What has changed in cafes in our major cities? The hats might be gone and the smoking is no longer public but in cafes and restaurants popular with executives for conducting business meetings, the tables are still largely occupied by a white, male clientele. Last week I was meeting with David Olsson (recently returned from six years in Beijing) in a Collins Street cafe in Melbourne. As we looked about, we noted how white and male the patrons were. I was the only female and there was no one of Asian-heritage in sight. Read More...

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