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Product Information:

Inside this book you will read:

  • current insights of 100 high-profile leaders from 16 cities across Australia and Asia;
  • stories by 10 men and women who adjusted their lives in the face of adversity or simply to live more diversely;
  • case studies of Woolworths, McDonalds and Ernst & young illustrating how culture shifts can create sustainable diversity;
  • frameworks for changing cultures of your country, organisation and self;
  • and ways for you to lead the changes you want to see.

Stepping Up is for leaders, managers, mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers or politicians...

We all have a role to play in shaping our society and workplaces. 

Stepping Up advocates that social development and culture changes should act as enablers of diversity and growth, and it calls for leaders in business and society to evolve the nation's culture and keep pace with the progressive nations of the world.

Together we can all work at creating a better tomorrow.


“Australia's political leaders should explain why Chinese investment is overwhelmingly in Australia's interest, put in place some scholarships for undergraduates and properly fund cultural exchange and language programs. Considering the tax revenues we receive from China and the 138,000 Chinese students studying in Australia each year, we need to acknowledge where our interests lie. You can't deny the global numbers or how complementary our economy is with the rest of Asia.”

Dr Geoff Raby
Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Raby & Associates (and former Australian Ambassador to China)
Beijing, China