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Top Team Pack (10)

Top Team Pack (10)

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Leading change is a team effort!

Stepping Up contains the comprehensive, up-to-date views of 100 leaders; the issues impacting growth; and frameworks for leading change.

Your Top Team will gain an understanding of:

  • the views of 100 CEOs, chairmen, executives and other leaders from across Australia and Asia about current issues and opportunities ahead
  • how to lead culture change in your organisation to improve culture diversity and gender equality
  • how to build cross-cultural capability and be more successful in your dealings with Asian nations and Asian employees
  • how to influence change in all the pockets of society that you touch to ensure a better future for our children

Stepping Up is about business and society

As leaders you can individually and collectively make a difference - in your business and in society. Pamela Young shares anecdotes from her global experiences in Asia, Pacific, Europe and the USA and provides frameworks that can be applied to any nation or organisation.

She advocates social development and culture change as enablers of diversity and growth and calls for leaders in business and society to step up and take their followers with them.

Speaking forums with the author

Book a forum with Pamela Young to help accelerate your team's understanding of the issues and solutions outlined in the book. Explore your Culture Iceberg and Culture Circuit and know how to apply the frameworks to your transformation and growth programs.

So come on, let's step up together


“Our government maintains stronger relationships with America than it does with Asia and until now it has been slow to recognise the importance of Asia, as has the education system. The Asian Century Report, which was done with good intent, aims to provide a strategic view on fundamental things like defence, immigration, culture and population. I think Australia is about to embark on a big change agenda to get closer to Asia and we need to get ready to follow.”

Mike Smith OBE
Chief Executive Officer
Australian and New Zealand Banking Group
Melbourne, Australia