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Whether you are a leader or manager, mother or father,
teacher or preacher...this book is for you.

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Everyone can influence the future

A vital read for leaders interested in boosting productivity, parents seeking equal pay and opportunity for their sons and daughters, immigrants expecting equal rights as Australian citizens and tomorrow's leaders looking to participate in directing our journey.

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Leading change is a team effort

Get your whole team around the table to examine the research findings of 100 leaders from across Australia and Asia. Explore your Culture Iceberg and Culture Circuit together and identify changes needed to align your culture to your strategy. Stepping Up is essential reading for top teams in 2014 and beyond.

100 Leaders Pack
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Engage change leaders at all levels

Select 100 leaders from all levels of your organisation and watch how they absorb the frameworks and new language outlined in Stepping Up, creating a level playing field for people of differing age and experience. As they combine to form a cross-company network of change drivers, you'll begin to feel the shift in culture and observe renewed growth.

Pamela Young provides speaking forums to support your leaders from all levels - whether young or old, experienced or inexperienced - fast-tracking their learning and inspiring them to unite and move forward together.

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