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Pamela Young: author, executive, strategist, change agent, culture specialist

Pamela is a globally experienced executive and consultant. She has lived and worked in many cultures and her cross-cultural and international experience adds richness to her insights and vision for the future of business and society.

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Key Strengths and Skills

Pamela has visible and demonstrable entrepreneurial ability: she established several businesses and has been the inaugural executive in newly established roles in a number of organisations. Pamela has vision, sees possibilities for the future and keenly identifies growth opportunities for organisations she works with. She formulates growth strategy and is a very accomplished business developer. 

Pamela is recognised for her highly developed skills and proven ability in inspiring people to buy into a new idea or vision, leading and managing change projects, and assessing and redirecting cultures to deliver strategies. Client and colleague testimonials convey the positive impact of her work on organisations and people.

Pamela's career has spanned Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, continental Europe and the USA. Her cross-cultural and international experience with global businesses adds richness to her insights and vision for the future of business and society. She has acquired a strong appreciation for doing business internationally, performing in challenging cross-cultural situations, understanding the benefits of diversity and facilitating cross-border business development.

Pamela is an enthusiastic life-long learner, who keeps actively involved in the community and is interested in contributing to making the world a better place.

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