Boost Australia-Asia business

Boost Australia-Asia  Business Expanding relations between Australian organisations and those in fast growing Asian nations to help build Australia's cross-cultural capability, Asian language skills, a passion for doing business together and a step up in the growth of the economic activity and rewards. Last Posted: 02-Dec-2013 | Total Posts: 5

Advance Australia's Culture

Advance Australian Culture Influencing a shift in assumptions and attitudes about the need for greater diversity and how it can improve growth opportunities within Australia and across Asian nations Last Posted: 28-Nov-2013 | Total Posts: 5

Building Cultural Diversity

Build Cultural Diversity Encouraging business and society to accept people of all cultures and colours at all levels of government and public and private enterprises. Last Posted: 04-Nov-2013 | Total Posts: 5

Achieving Gender Equality

Achieve Gender Equality Advancing the roles of both genders through discovery, discussion, education, leadership and adapting our values to allow women and men equal opportunity to a career, parenting, financial security and personal enrichment. Last Posted: 15-Jan-2014 | Total Posts: 8