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The book - read, share and spread the word

The first thoughts of writing a book to help build greater diversity came late in 2009, but it wasn't until early 2011 that Pamela Young of growthcurv, a globally focused strategic change consultancy, committed to making it happen. 

She was puzzled about 'How Australia's success as a leading Western nation was somehow limited by its isolation and independence'.

Then as she observed the local culture and people she started to wonder why they were not rushing to get involved in the fast-growing Asian markets. Having lived in Asia, Pamela was passionate about the opportunities offered by its many nations and she also believed that Australia's potential in Asia was largely untapped.

She began to wonder 'Could Australia's culture and level of diversity in workplace leadership be part of the reason why there is little hunger for growth across the Asia region?' She felt a drive to find out.    

That was the nascence of Stepping Up. Pamela embarked upon an extensive research process interviewing 100 leaders across Australia and Asia and her findings are presented in this book. Stepping Up is the first ever locally-authored book presenting contemporary thinking about diversity and how a shift in Australia's culture is key to renewing growth. It is an essential read for leaders of the 21st century.

The website - chat, connect and start change projects

This website is for readers of the book, Stepping Up. It is for people in Australian society who want to encourage an shift in national values and advance our culture to allow people of both genders and all cultures to fully participate in the economy and in directing the country's growth.

It is also for people in business across Australia and Asian nations who are interested in building cultural diversity and gender equality in the workplace, and improving cross-cultural economic relations.

Readers can come here to discuss the book's research findings, explore the issues raised, exchange ideas and meet others who want to collaborate on projects for mutual benefit.

Together the book and this website are vehicles for leading change. Anyone can get involved in the conversations on the 4 blogs listed below.

Chat with the author, guest bloggers and share with readers:

- Boost Australia-Asia Relations;
- Advance Australia's Culture;
- Build Cultural Diversity;
- Achieve Gender Equality.

We will seek input from people and organisations who are actively leading change across Australia, or engaging with Asian nations to build greater economic relations.

We will bring their stories to you and provide opportunity for learning and sharing.  

Our Vision, Mission and Core Belief

Stepping Up - Vision

To contribute to building a society where people of both genders and all cultures live and work equitably in the same space, at all levels and with the same opportunities to hold positions of power and lead people to find prosperity.

Stepping Up - Mission

To make knowledge available to those who seek change – what you do with it is up to you;

To share the skills and experience of people who have achieved change before – your choices are: ignore them, copy them or learn how to innovate and then be a pioneer;

To connect those of you who want change and growth now, faster, without excuses – holding hands and collaborating can build critical mass; you only need to reach out.

Stepping Up - Core Belief

That our future prosperity rests on our ability to embrace being part of Asia and our willingness to be more gracious about celebrating the successes of others.

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Boosting Australia-Asia Business;
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Achieving Gender Equality.



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“Australia's political leaders should explain why Chinese investment is overwhelmingly in Australia's interest, put in place some scholarships for undergraduates and properly fund cultural exchange and language programs. Considering the tax revenues we receive from China and the 138,000 Chinese students studying in Australia each year, we need to acknowledge where our interests lie. You can't deny the global numbers or how complementary our economy is with the rest of Asia.”

Dr Geoff Raby
Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Raby & Associates (and former Australian Ambassador to China)
Beijing, China